Sustainable Homes

Sustainable home with solar power, water tank, and minimal site impact

Gateway Constructions' eco friendly methodology takes sustainable building design principles to the highest levels of client comfort - economically, environmentally and aesthetically.

Sustainable design is much more than using eco friendly and responsibly resourced materials. In addition to being energy and resource efficient, sustainable design incorporates planning to optimise the available resources of the natural environment while minimising any negative impact and incorporating design and materials to maximise liveability, comfort and provide an environmentally sustainable home that will last.

How do we do it?

We study your land to determine the path of the sun, wind flow, existing vegetation and viewing preferences in order to design a home that maximises natural resources and reduces environmental impact. Some of the ways we do this are:

  • Passive design to reduce the need for cooling and lighting
  • Natural cross-flow ventilation for cooling
  • Shading to all glazed areas
  • Patented breathable wall system with ventilated roofing, drawing cool air from underneath your house, through the walls and out of the roof. This patented system is perfect for tropical living and negates the need for air conditioning.

We are committed to ensuring sustainability throughout every aspect of our design and construction. Some of the materials used in our buildings include:

  • Sustainable plantation and recycled timbers
  • ModWood decking
  • Recycled timber internal linings in lieu of plaster
  • End of Life planning for recycling building materials
  • Low VOC and formaldehyde treated materials
  • Reflective roofing materials
  • High performance thermal paint in light to medium colour schemes for optimal thermal performance
  • Energy and water efficient fixtures and appliances
  • Computer guided sheet cutting - minimises waste AND saves money!
  • All factory waste is recycled - we reincorporate as much as we can into smaller components, donate sawdust to beekeepers and some we even turn into garden mulch
  • Factory production reduces environmental impact on site and minimizes waste.

We often work with our clients to assist in creating a fully self sustainable, eco-friendly home. Other non-standard options available to increase the sustainable standard of your home include:

  • Water tanks for rainwater harvesting to potable standard
  • Ability to be self sufficient
  • Solar hot water and heat pump systems
  • Integrated onsite power generation
  • Onsite waste treatment

Don't Compromise on Quality

Each of our homes are built to a Standard Australian wind speed rating of C2 – (W50C) and can easily accomodate higher wind ratings with simple changes. The floor system and foundations have termite protection built in, and timber is treated according to Australian Standard H3.