Frequently Asked Questions

A modular home is constructed within a factory in modules, or, "pieces". These modules form large sections of the home which are then joined together on site to form a fully finished home. The joins are completely unnoticeable inside and out and have the added benefit of creating a home with a well defined interior layout.

The modular home is exactly the same as any other home, it just uses a more efficient, more sustainable and more cost-friendly process to complete. Once we have finished installing your modular home, you have nothing left to do except to move in.

Kit homes on the other hand are supplied as the essential materials and a plan to build a house up to a frame or lock-up stage. Once the kit has been supplied, the onus is then on the owner to acquire council applications, service connections, and all of the other paper work required to satisfy local regulations. Then the owner must build their house from the supplied components and/ or organise sub-contractors and trades people.

Kits may not include the necessary components to make a house livable - items such as floor and wall coverings, plumbing, electrical, and cabinetry. These items alone and the labour required to install them represent a very significant portion of the cost of building a home.

No, we do not sell kits. As our construction method is a unique and patented system our homes are sold as a fully finished product, ready for you to move in. If you are a tradesman or know someone who is and is willing to help you, we are happy to work with you to complete installation and keep your costs down.

Pricing is normally based on a fully erected and finished home, ready to move in to, on a level site in our local regions. Inclusions will vary depending on your design and requirements, we will specify these when you receive a quote from us.

We can deliver to almost anywhere in Australia. We have built all throughout Queensland, the Torres Strait, Northern Territory and Western Australia. We can deliver anywhere that is accessible by road or by sea.

Most definitely!

Our standard designs are set on 600mm steel posts on level blocks, and can be raised to legal height as high set homes. By simply adjusting posts, bracing and footings to suit, we can accommodate almost any difficult site. This method does end up cheaper than extensive earth works and retaining walls and is also kinder to the environment.

Construction time is far shorter than conventional building methods. Our modular Designs can take 4-6 weeks in factory and 1 week install. Larger designs can be flat packed to site and take an overall period of approximately 10-12 weeks from signing a contract.

Of course!

All of our designs can be customised to suit your needs, whatever they may be. We are happy to work with you to adapt any of our designs or to develop a truly unique house all of your own devising.

Of course! We have colour schemes that are designed by the architect to suit a number of environments and to reduce thermal output, but you are more than welcome to choose any combination of colours you desire.

Payment arrangements are Progress Payments, as is the industry standard.

Our typical arrangement for a modular factory build is as follows:

Depost - 5%
Plans and contract administration - 10%
Completion of framing and roof trusses - 30%
Fully enclosed building - 20%
Loaded for transportation - 20%
Practical completion - 15%.

Should your financial institution be unfamiliar with modular homes and the modular building process, we are more than happy to facilitate a meeting with them, including a tour of the factory where they may see first hand what we do and how we do it.

We use the standard Queensland Master Builders contract.

Yes it does - as a licensed builder we offer the statutory full 6 year structural warranty and 6 month defect warranty.

A rates notice or title deed.

A finance approval letter from bank and / or bank statements.

Our transport costs will vary from job to job and will depend on three things:

  • The number of modules
  • The size of the modules
  • The distance to travel

We are committed to doing whatever we can to keep transport costs at a minimum. There are many options we can take to reduce this for you, but the best way to get an estimate of the costs involved are to contact our sales team.