When you're in the early stages of looking for a new home builder, you want to do a bit of research into what different companies can offer you and whether their solutions will work to your tastes, your land and your budget.

What's included with our prices?
Our prices include planning, design, documentation, construction, delivery and installation of a fully finished building.

How long does it take?
After building approval has been attained, construction is typically 4-6 weeks in factory and 1 week site installation including connection to services and final finishes. Some projects may require more time depending on the level of complexity in the design or the land. We also offer the option to construct on site for unique projects and land challenges.

We offer a number of ways that you can get in contact with us to see if what we do is something that will suit you.

Visit Us In Person
If you already have an idea about what you want, particularly if you'd like to have something custom designed, an in person meeting with our sales team is the recommended form of contact. If you have any site/contour plans or a rough sketch of a design you'd like, please feel free to bring them.

We can take you on a tour of our factory and show you the building process first hand, walking you through the steps we take from conception through to completion.

Email/Web Enquiry
Fill out our enquiry form via our website and our sales team will be in contact with you to answer any of the questions you might have. The more detail you fill out, the more relevant our response will be to your project needs.

You can also send through a direct email enquiry to for our Cairns branch or for our Sunshine Coast branch.

Phone Enquiry:
You may phone us to have a chat with our sales team or any of our other highly qualified staff members who will be able to answer any questions you have.

To phone the Cairns branch, dial 07 4035 3330.
To phone the Sunshine Coast branch, dial 07 3491 3825.

Before proceeding to a preliminary agreement, we will provide a free approximate budget price for our standard plans after you have provided us with a site and contour plan and/or we have conducted a site inspection.

As our designs are flexible and site possibilities vary greatly, a small fee (which is deductible from your contract price) may be required to make modifications to suit your needs.

After this preliminary design phase, the next step is a preliminary agreement.

We like to think of this stage as an opportunity to work with you as a team to plan and achieve your goals.

Site Inspection:
Gateway Constructions will conduct a detailed inspection of your site. During the site inspection we will assess the following:

  • Confirmation of boundaries
  • Confirmation of services locations
  • Potential stormwater/runoff issues
  • The requirement for a geotech report
  • The slope/contours of the site
  • Existing vegetation and fencelines
  • Direction of the sun, wind and any views to determine optimal site positioning.
  • Access to site
  • Photographic records of all of the above.

Defining the Project Scope:
A meeting with our sales, drafting and estimating team will be held. During this meeting we will go over your site plan and discuss any particular designs you have in mind. You are welcome to use one of our standard designs, modify any of our previous plans or create one from the ground up.

We will also discuss our standard inclusions and you are free to change any of the selections to items or materials of your choosing.

Preliminary Drawings:
Our drafting team will then draw up a preliminary plan based on the outcome of your meeting. The plans will include a floor plan and elevations so you can visualise how it will look once complete. You may choose to make further modifications and we are happy to work on it until you are completely satisfied.

Our estimating team will take the information provided in the project scope meeting and prepare a detailed estimate of the overall project cost for your approval. Included in this cost will be everything necessary to move into a fully finished building, including transportation (if necessary).

A preliminary agreement is not a contract to construct, but an agreement for Gateway Constructions to carry out investigative and preliminary work on your behalf. The amount of the agreement will vary between contract to contract. The amount charged for a preliminary agreement is typically 1% of the estimated contract price, but will depend on the amount of investigation and work required prior to contract.

The preliminary agreement will cover any costs that may be incurred prior to going to contract. These costs may include:

  • A full site inspection.
  • A Registered Plan of the site.
  • Soil tests (if not already provided by client).
  • Drafting of preliminary plans for client approval.
  • Submission of client approved plans for preliminary building approval.
  • Submission of plans for preliminary engineering approval
  • Geotech reports
  • Energy efficiency application.
  • Time expended by estimator and draftsman.

The amount of the preliminary agreement will be deducted from the amount owing on the final contract price.

The next stage is the contract stage.

We will prepare your building contract and once this is signed and a 5% deposit received the final documentation to begin your project will commence. This is the time to finalise your specifications, finishes, inclusions and exclusions, all of which will be detailed within the contract. You will also receive a copy of this for your own records. We use a standard Queensland Master Builder's contract, copies of which can be found online.

At the beginning of the contract period, you will be given a detailed schedule of works that will tell you when each planning and construction phase will commence and be completed.

The drafting team will prepare detailed plans that include all specifications, elevations, electrical and plumbing works.

Building, council and engineering approvals will be finalised based on these detailed plans. Once these approvals are received, we are able to begin construction.

The turnaround time for building approval is quite quick and is rarely in excess of two weeks.

Factory Construction
Construction in our factory is completed in the following steps:

  • Floor pan
  • Framing, trusses and roof
  • Interior wall linings
  • Pre-pipe and pre-wire
  • Completion of exterior linings & windows
  • Ceilings & soffits
  • Cabinetry installation (kitchens/bathrooms), tiling and floor finishes
  • Interior, electrical and plumbing fit off
  • Internal & external painting

This process takes on average 4-6 weeks depending on the size of your project. Larger or multi-storey projects may take slightly longer.

Site Preparation
When your building is almost complete in the factory our onsite crew will head to site and begin to prepare the site for installation. The amount of time required to set up your site and prepare footings is typically only a single day.

Transportation and Installation
When the site is prepared we will deliver and install your home. The length of time taken for delivery will depend upon the distance required to travel. Once the modules are on site they will be installed on the footings and the pieces joined together.

Finishing and Services
After the modules are together on site our onsite crew will then work to fully finish your home to ensure all seams are perfect and unnoticeable. Gateway Constructions will then arrange connections to services.

Once your building is finished, we will complete a final walkthrough with you to make sure that you are happy with everything.

Certification and Handover
Once all contractors have submitted their certificates of compliance, the building certifier will issue a final certificate and Gateway Constructions will issue a certificate of occupancy.